Saturday, April 28, 2012

My First Time With Daddy

The first time I messed my diaper with Daddy is one of my most embarrassing memories and one of my fondest.

I was visiting my boyfriend for a long weekend and he dictated that I must wear diapers during the whole trip and not use the grown-up potty at all. I knew that I would experience my first messy diaper with Daddy and was quite nervous, especially when it came time to be changed. We talked about it beforehand and I told Daddy I was afraid he would think that I was gross or icky. He assured me that he would never think and would love changing my dirty diapeHe was able to comfort me, but he couldn't fully rid me of my trepidation.

During the trip, I wound up being constipated. I was not drinking enough water, and combined with the food I was eating and my anxiousness, I found myself quite backed up after my first few nights there. In addition to that, I broke a rule. While out one night, I was changing my diaper in a bathroom stall when I realized I had not quite finished peeing. Due to convenience, I decided to use the grown-up potty and relieve my bladder. I immediately felt guilty and told Daddy what I'd done. He forgave me, kissed my cheek, and told me he'd be punishing me the next day. I was nervous but very excited at the prospect.

The next day, my punishment started with a spanking. After that, I was forced to wear a wet Molicare while Daddy and I took a walk to a drug store. At the store, my daddy chose a saline enema and told me to go buy it while he waited outside. I felt so embarrassed purchasing the enema and knowing that I would soon be taking it. During the walk home, I anxiously held onto Daddy's hand and tried my hardest to keep myself calm. I was scared of the idea that I would soon be in a messy diaper in front of my new boyfriend.

Back at his place, Daddy changed me out of my wet Molicare and put me in a fresh Abena. He told me that I needed the enema because it wasn't healthy that I hadn't gone to the potty in a few days. He also reminded me that I was being punished for breaking his rule, but told me if I was able to hold the enema for a half hour, he might let me use the big girl potty.

Daddy had me roll onto my tummy and he pulled down my diaper. After lubing up the nozzle, he inserted the tip of the enema into my bottom. I whimpered a bit as he squeezed the contents of the enema into me. After filling me with the saline solution, Daddy pulled up my Abena made me stand in the corner.

While in the corner of his room, I felt very nervous and submissive. I heard the click of a camera as my boyfriend took a few pictures of me, but I dared not turn around. I wanted to be a good girl for Daddy, and I wanted to hold my enema as long as possible in the hopes I might earn the chance to use the toilet. After 15 minutes, the urge to expel hit me and I started fidgeting. From behind me,  Daddy said, "Someone's getting desperate" and I felt my cheeks flush. 

After 20 minutes, I felt absolutely desperate and peaked behind me, squeaking a soft, "Daddy?" Daddy asked me if I had to go and I said yes, so he invited me to come sit on his lap. He said that he was impressed I'd held my enema for 20 whole minutes and told me to just relax and let go. I was scared, but my daddy caressed my back and assured that it would be okay.

Nausea from the saline enema gripped me and I held tightly onto Daddy as I started messing my thick diaper. I whimpered in his ear, feeling embarrassed and helpless. I couldn't have held back any longer if I had tried.

I shifted positions a few times during the process of expelling as my enema came out in spurts. When the need to potty tightened the feeling in my belly and made me feel queasy, I no longer cared how embarrassing it was to mess my Abena; I just wanted to feel better. Daddy held me and reassured me and felt my bottom as I filled my diaper. I remember sitting on my hands and knees on his bed and relieving myself into my heavy pants as Daddy watched from behind. I couldn't believe how much poo was in me! I kept going and going and still wasn't done!

Eventually, after most of the mess from the enema had expelled, I noticed how hard my boyfriend's lovely cock was. Daddy bade me to get on my knees on the floor beside his bed and I started eagerly sucking his cock. I love taking my daddy's dick in my mouth. Going down on him is one of my favorite things to do. 

I rubbed the front of my diaper as I sucked, and that is when the last of the enema hit me. I pulled away from Daddy's cock and told him that I was about to mess in my diaper some more. I knew Daddy would love knowing that I was helplessly pooing while I eagerly pleasured him. Daddy groaned and called me his messy little diaper slut before cumming in my mouth. Like a good girl, I swallowed every drop.

I got on Daddy's bed on my knees and he reached into my heavy, full Abena and started rubbing my little clit. At this point, I realized just how messy I was. I never knew I could poo this much and was shocked at what a few days of constipation combined with an enema could do. After Daddy pleasured me for a minute or two, I asked him to stop because I was afraid my diaper would leak and was scared that his hand would get dirty. I was right about the second part, which made me embarrassed, but he didn't seem to mind. 

I was too scared of a potential leak to stay in my messy diaper any longer. Daddy spread out a towel on his floor and had me lie down. Feeling the mess squish against me as I laid on my back was very strange, and that's when the shock of the scene really hit me. I never knew I would be lying in such a full diaper, and was so embarrassed to have just done this with a new boyfriend. Tears welled up in my eyes as Daddy handed me my stuffed animal. I was afraid to let him change me and see the mess in my pants, but he assured me that it would be okay.

As Daddy untaped my full Abena, I glanced down my body and got a peak at the mess inside. I was so humiliated to have done this that a few tears leaked out as I squeezed my stuffy. Daddy spoke to me in a sweet, calm voice, soothing me as he changed me. He cleaned me up without much difficulty, to my surprise, and put me in a fresh, comfortable diaper. 

After it was all over, Daddy and I lay on his bed and he held me and caressed my back. He was able to calm me and keep my tears at bay after the intense scene. I felt very well taken care of and so loved in that moment.

To this day, I'm still shocked at what a big mess I made and I haven't made another one like it since! I'm a bit embarrassed to think that my first messy diaper with Daddy was that full, but I'm also very happy it happened. If Daddy could handle such a big mess, then I knew he could handle any of my messes. In fact, he can handle anything. He's the best Daddy ever.


  1. This is an awesome story. Congrats on finding someone to share in your interests.

  2. Thanks! BTW, I don't recommend saline enemas. That was a bit of a newb mistake. Water is better for you!

  3. This is incredible!

    Basically my ultimate fantasy to have my gf blow me in a messy diaper.

    Thanks for sharing =)

    1. I love sucking cock in my mess

  4. I wish I had this done to me by a caring loving man.

  5. that he would never think and would love changing my dirty diapeHe was able to comfort me, but he couldn't fully rid me of my trepidation. molicare Hartmann